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What is a Universal Multi-purpose ID Card Application Form?

Have you applied for a UMID Card yet? If you haven't then what are you waiting for? UMID Card not only makes life easier but provides access to various facilities. Read on to fill yours right this instant using our step-by-step guide along with pictures!

A Unified Multi-Purpose ID card is one of the newest types of IDs issued by the government of the Philippines in 2010. The four-in-one identification can be used by Filipinos to transact with Social Security System (SSS), Home Development Mutual Fund (HDMF), Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), and Philippine Health Insurance Corporation.

Applicants who want to receive a UMID Card are required to fill the UMID Card Application Form. After submitting the application form you are considered eligible for receiving the UMID Card. You just need to wait for a few days to get it delivered to you.

However, gathering the required information and then filling the form can be bothersome. Our explain-it-all article will help you fill the UMID Card Application Form. All you have to do is follow the steps as explained and you will have a completely filled form in no time!

The UMID Card gives lifetime membership to its holder and allows transactions with several government sectors.

Information Required for UMID Card Application Form

This section termed Part I on the UMID application form is to be filled by the applicant himself. It is divided into three parts A, B and C. The applicant is required to provide his basic personal details listed as below:

The A part is for people who are newly applying for the card.

The B section is only to be filled by people whose deceased family member was already a UMID card holder. The C section is the certification part of the application where your signature, date and name are required.

Documents Required for UMID Application Form

You may require one of the following

    • UMID ID Card
    • Social security card
    • Driver’s license
    • Firearm registration
    • Passport
    • Postal identity card
    • Voters ID Card
    • Notarized Affidavit
    • Proof Of Payment

How to Fill a UMID Card Application Form?

Filling the UMID Card Application Form is very easy if you follow our given instructions. After you have collected the above-mentioned information you can begin to fill out the form.

Carefully read the instructions and avoid making any mistakes and providing false information.

Step 1: Card Applicant Form

The applicant is required to place a tick in the box for which he wants to apply for.

    • If it’s your first time applying for the form, select Initial Enrollment.
    • If you want to replace your card select the box that suits your predicament best.
    • SS Number box, you are to provide your social security number
    • Provide your common reference number.
UMID card application

Step 2: Personal Details

In this section, applicants need to provide their basic information. Provide your name, residential address, date of birth, parents name etc.

UMID card application step 2

Step 3: Other Card Applicant Data

Box 1: Provide telephone number

Box 2: Enter your email address

Box 3: If you are a pensioner then tick Yes if not select No.

UMID Card application step 3

Step 4: IMID Card or Regular UMID Card

In this section, applicants need to clarify what type of UMID Card they want.

UMID card application step 4

Step 5: Deceased Member Data

If you are a surviving spouse of a deceased member only then you need to provide information here.

UMID card application deceased member

Step 6: Certifications, Data Privacy Consent, and Authorization

Once you have completely filled the form you need to pledge that all the information provided by you in this form is true and not false.

UMID card application step 6

Uses of UMID Card form

UMID Card form is used to generate a UMID Smart card that can be very useful when needed.

    • The card can be used to identify the holder at any health unit.
    • The UMID Card provides a unique virtual identity to all the holders.
    • A UMID Card can be used to initiate debits and credits with health units.
    • The smart card can be used to generate outpatient departments slips automatically through kiosks.
    • The whole process from registration to the approval of the card takes place on computers. No need for any paperwork!

All these benefits can only be obtained when you apply for the card using the UMID Card form.

Additional Resources for UMID Card Application Form

Filling the UMID Card can be quite confusing. So for your convenience, we have provided resources that will clear up any queries and help answer your questions.

Use these resources to fill your forms today!

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